Monday, April 20, 2009

A Party Fit For A Princess

This past month has been one hectic month with very little room left for me to breath. Earlier in the month we celebrated the 7th birthday of my niece Tiana. She selected a Barbie Princess theme for her upcoming birthday and then it was all systems go.

I took on a lot, as usual, which left me trying to recover for over a week but it was all well worth it. The party was a great success and Tiana absolutely loved it.

I love kiddies parties and I loved helping my sister-in-law plan this one. I did almost everything from the party packs to the birthday party while by sister-in-law handled all the logistics. Did I mention we had a lot fun?

Her birthday cake was a pillow cake topped with a royal icing tiara. For the previous year I had baked her a princess cake so this year I decided to change it up and for the first time attempted a pillow cake and tiara. The tiara was very time consuming and at the end of the third day I had spasms in my right hand but I enjoyed every minute of it. My greatest fear was the tiara breaking into pieces and the day of the party it broke to several pieces. My sister and I managed to save a bit of it which we put back together to form a smaller tiara. It wasn't as big is the inital tiara but nobody could even tell the difference so we were satisfied. I had a few issues with this cake, mainly the fondant. I kneaded, rolled it but when I was placing it onto the cake it wasn't elastic enough so it begain to crinkle and tear. I think it is due to the fact that I was so rushed and didn't knead it enough to make it more elastic. Oh well I know for next time.

For the party food I decked the table in everything pink. From pink lamingtons to red velvet cupcakes with pink frosting. The cupcakes were a huge hit with the crowd and so were the lamingtons.

For the party packs we decided to create something pretty for the little princess attending the party. We even included little thank you notes which were addressed to each princess personally to make them feel more special.

At the end of the day after we had taken down the last balloon we sat down to a well deserved piece of birthday cake and I found myself wishing I could rewind time and start again.