Thursday, October 16, 2008


The first time I heard of Tartine Bakery, a high end pastry shop in San Francisco, was when I saw their book on

I was attracted to the Tartine book by its cover and decided to buy it after having searched inside the book.

When I received the book a few days ago I was so glad that I had chosen it from the many choices. I have yet to try a recipe only because I can't make up my mind which recipe to try first - kinda like a kid in a toy store. I will definitely be trying one later this week but I know it's going to hard try to decide which one to try first.

Because I fell in love with the book so much I decided to look the bakery up on the Internet. From what I've read the restaurant seems rather popular.

Everything in their bakery looks so divine. I've never been to Tartine so I had borrow a few pics from Flickr.

The death by chocolate cake I will be making for my sisters birthday end of the month.

Lemon Meringue Cake...I cant wait to try this cake. I love lemon meringue and I know I'm going to love this cake.

Chocolate Hazelnut tart...Ooh chocolate and nuts what more can I say. This one I will make for my SIL who loves chocolate and nuts.

Chocolate Souffle cake...Now this one is for me (and Kristy who can't eat nuts). I just love the little gold leaf.

The morning bun loved by many. From what I've gathered this bun is a favourite of many who have visited Tartine. It's not in their recipe book but the bun is basically a cinnamon and orange bun baked in muffin trays. Looks delicious though.

An array of decadence. Next to Pierre Hermes pastry shops this one is my next favourite and I've made that decision merely by what they have to offer and the obvious talent and creativeness that goes into making these beautiful desserts. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting any of these pastry shops.

I've always wanted to visit New York but I think I will be visiting San Francisco first.


KeL said...

ok got me crazy thinking abou these delicious...I defenitelly want the recipe for the lemon meringue and the chocolate favorite things...lemon & it love it

(L.) said...

I just receive the book for my birthday!
Any recipe recomended?

Diane said...

I absolutely love the death by chocolate cake as well as the chocolate souffle cake.

(L.) said...

Thank you Diane!
I didn´t found the "death by chocolate cake" in my book (may have another name?), but the chocolate souffle cake looks delicious!