Thursday, July 10, 2008

I dream of Paris

Eiffel Tower
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I have had my mind on Paris a lot lately. It is my dream to go there and I know one day I will. You might be wondering why I love Paris so much especially since I haven't even been there.'s gastronomic heaven. What do I like about Paris the most.......uh let me see......their fine food and especially their pastries and desserts. Though I haven't actually had any authentic French food, I have made many French inspired meals and desserts.
One of the great attractions for food lovers and those who dwell in the world of gastronomy is the Rungis market just outside of Paris. It is the largest food market in the world and supplies only the freshest produce from meat to vegetables and even flowers.

Rungis: the worlds largest food market

Seafood Pavilion at Rungis
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Fruit and Vegetable Pavilion (Heaven) at Rungis
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And even more fruit from Rungis
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I have recently discovered Pierre Herme who is one of the most celebrated pastry chefs in Paris - known to most as the Picasso of Pastry - when I grow up I want be be just like him. He is well know for is innovation when it comes to combining flavours and even has the rare skill of combining sweet and savoury. I would love to eat out of his patisserie one day when I go to Paris and would especially love to meet him.

The master himself

It's not surprising that Pierre Herme has many followers since from what I've seen and read (and not tasted....oh no) he has the ability to create the most original and exquisite desserts that many great pastry chefs use as a road map for their own creations

Here is his famous Ispahan....

...and his decadent looking 2000 feuilles (a praline filled Mille Feuille).

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Know to most as a Napoleon and to some South Africans, a custard slice. Well I bet you havent seen a custard slice like this around.

Some more of his creations. at first site .

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And last but not least, his modern luxury pastry shop in Japan.

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It's like buying precious jewels don't you think.

See what I mean. Who can ever resist these. I sometimes wonder how the French people manage their weight so nicely since their food is so rich and decadent.

I would really love to try the macaron - the ever famous French cookie - from the famous shops like Pierre Herme , Fauchon, Ladurée, Gérard Mulot, and Lenôtre. I've heard only good things about them.

Here it is the great French macaron.

More macarons from another great French patisserie - Ladurée

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Doesn't it make wish you were in Paris right now.

To see how its made you can follow this link to an interesting post I found at Paris Breakfasts. You could also go here.

Another popular dessert I love is the Opera cake with its many layers of rich decadence. I've made this cake before but without the traditional almond jaconde that is supposed to be used. I love chocolate so I've made it with a chocolate sponge.

See it's beautiful layers.....

Mmmm writing this makes me want to make one. I think I'll be making one soon but with the traditional almond jaconde since I've never tried it.

Ah and how can I forget the simple yet elegant....

...or maybe not so simple Eclair.

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Did you notice that the one right at the bottom is covered in gold. Well what can I say. The French are so rooted in fashion that they've even translated it into their food.

Many people know Paris for their great fashion and perfume but some don't know that some of the greatest cuisine (and desserts) come from France and especially Paris. Why do you think so many people from all over the world go to France to learn about food.

I can't wait till I have the opportunity of roaming the streets of Paris but until them I guess I just have to keep dreaming.

Au revoir!


Joie de vivre! said...

your blog makes me huuunngry! i will be coming back!

Diane said...

Hey French food makes me hungry!!

Joan P. said...

If you go to Ferrandi, you can easily work at Pierre Herme. I know a couple people that staged there from the Anglo pastry program from when I went!

And we have the same bday!!!

Diane said...

Joan that really makes me happy cause it would be something that I would really love. How cool is it that we share the same birthday.

Anonymous said...

The visuals are gorgeous! French pastries, bar none.