Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not Quite Nigella

So when I was asked to make some pastries for today I thought no problem. With a full-time job there's not much time for baking during the week but with careful planning I thought that I could pull it off in no time. After all I've seen Nigella whip up some wonderful dishes in no time. So I planned and prepared but what do you know I still ended up sleeping at midnight and that was just preperations. I woke up early in the morning to finish off. Despite this I don't feel tired at all. I think it's because I enjoy doing this.

So here are the fruits of my labour. Top left: pecan slices. Top right: Chocolate tart. Bottom left: vanilla bean Napoleon or as the French would call it Mille Feuille.

The chocolate tarts are made with pâte sucrée, filled with creamy chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate whipped cream. Mmmm......I love chocolate and if I could I'd make everything with chocolate.

Now seen as how I have the day off tomorrow I will be in the kitchen again baking a special surprise.

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